About Us

The CWellStore was formed by a group of functional medicine professionals, including medical doctors, nutrition based chiropractors, and nutritionists, who are committed to improving the quality of our patients' lives.  Through our CWellStore, we are focused on delivering the highest quality supplements directly from the manufacturers to our patients.

Our primary challenge in delivering the right supplements to our patients was that we often did not have the breadth of inventory of nutritional aides in our offices needed by our patients, or that many of our patients lived out of state.  This required our patients to find good supplements on their own, which often resulted in sourcing the product from an unknown source or substituting the product for a lower quality alternative.

We felt there was only one real solution.  We would create an online store that offered the most important supplements required by our patients.  We are knowledgeable about all of the supplements included in our store and are sourcing these products directly from the manufacturers.  This ensures that all of our patients have quick and easy access to all of the supplements they require.  Also, our patients can have confidence that they are getting the highest quality supplements recommended by their healthcare professionals. 

Through our partnerships with nutrition companies and our network of warehouses, we can provide our patients with quick and easy access to a wide range of high quality products to ensure that they are getting the very best supplementation and nutritional assistance available.

We are all personally committed to helping our patients live happy and healthy lives!