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Many people evaluate supplements based on specific ingredients, e.g. Vitamin C, and price. However, there are many other considerations when you purchase supplements.

Here are the things you should evaluate when purchasing supplements to ensure the quality of the product and the safety for you and your family.

Where is the product made?
If the product is made in the United States, there are certain regulations and guidelines for formulation and safety. Many other countries, like China, do have any guidelines or the guidelines are not enforced.

Where is the product acquired?
You need to ensure that the supplements you purchase online are being sourced from a reputable supplier. When you order supplements online, you could be sourcing unsafe or counterfeit products. The ingredients in these products may not be accurately represented and/or could be unsafe. The products could also be beyond their expiration date.

Is the product pure?
Companies outside the United States may use fillers to dilute the product in order to increase profitability. Sometimes these fillers are inert, while in other situations, they could be harmful.
Some supplements made outside the United States contain little to none of the advertised product. This can make the product ineffective and potentially unsafe and could cause allergic reactions.

What other products (we refer to these as excipients) are in the supplement besides the specific ingredient you want?
Many supplements have extra chemicals in them that make them less healthy or potentially unsafe. Often these chemicals are picked up in the processing of the product.

At CWellStore, you can be assured that you are purchasing high quality supplements sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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